About Lasons India

Lasons India is a leading global pharmaceutical manufacturing company, dedicated to supplying high-quality Vitamin B3 (Niacin & Niacinamide) in India and over 90 countries across the globe. A trusted name in the health industry, Lasons is a preferred choice for healthcare product manufacturers across geographies. Lasons India has dedicated almost forty years to accomplish a promise – delivering the best in class, quality, authentic and assured products to all. A company known for cutting-edge process innovations and socially conscious with a zero-discharge facility compliance. Lasons is accredited by global health and safety standards. The company is certified and have a dedicated in-house quality control and assurance departments which works round the year to ensure strict quality norms.

About OneLife

Incepted in 2017, OneLife is a product of Lasons India’s many years of expert insights into the global health and nutrition industry. A product born purely out of passion, OneLife is built on the vision of enabling all to live their one life, right. To ensure the best nutrition, wellness and beauty available for all, OneLife, backed by expert insights and through extensive research, has introduced vitamins and nutritional supplements addressing various health and lifestyle needs amongst other products. With dynamic lifestyle changes, an alarming rate of contamination in food and busy, stressful urban lives, the need to focus on health and wellness today is only increasing. There is a high demand by individuals to find the right partners for their daily dietary intake to ensure all the necessary health, wellness and nutritional needs are met.

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