Why Don’t I Get Sleep?

Are you commonly troubled with lack of sufficient sleep?

It’s the season of Love, Beauty, Self-care, and some Pampering! Getting our daily dose of Beauty Sleep is extremely crucial for good health, glowing skin, healthy hair, and for that Inner Glow!

Youngsters, the Elderly, and people of all ages today are suffering from Insomnia and having sleepless nights.

Ignoring some early signs of sleep troubles can lead to more serious sleep disorders! We urge you to not ignore the signs of sleep trouble and act on it with due attention.

Work on these common sleep stealers before they put your health at risk-


This is something that we must not ignore and what we eat forms an essential crux of our sleeping pattern and behavior. Big meals leave you uncomfortably full and contribute to obesity. A lot of caffeine and tea promotes no sleep and leaves one feeling wide awake. Too much spicy food and alcohol also drive sleep away and triggers sleeplessness.

2.Lack of exercise

Healthy eating and consistent workouts together make way for sound sleep. Lack of activity promotes dullness and is a hindrance to the body clock.

3.Underlying Joint Pain /Pain in the Body.

Pain in the joints in our body/arthritis triggers a feeling of discomfort in the body. Due to this, it is difficult to concentrate, and hence sleeping becomes a problem. Inadvertently even lack of sleep leads to more pain and aggravates the issue. We recommend having health supplements that promote healthy joints and strong bones in addition to making a fitness-oriented, healthy lifestyle.

4.Depression and Stress.

Mental health and a sound state of mind are basic essentials to facilitate sleep. Women who are depressed may sleep more than usual, but their sleep isn’t restful. It is also very important to stay happy, be positive and live stress-free. Overthinking and anxiety are major concern areas where we tend to miss out on sleep.

Addressing all these factors and making minor tweaks in our lifestyle can help us get the beauty sleep we all desire. It’s this sleep through which our skin breathes, our system gets a detox & it promotes our overall well-being.

Are you sleeping sufficiently and getting your Beauty sleep?




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Ankita Tikare.

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